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IRA Tutor Pre-Seminar Survey

Information derived from this survey will assist us in designing the training most appropriate for your organization.

Note: Rest assured all information submitted in response to this survey will be held in strictest confidence.

IRA Pre-Seminar Survey Form

Please provide the following contact information.

Bank Name:
Address (1):
Address (2):
City:   State:        Zip: -

Phone:    EXT.

Please answer the following questions.

  1. Which of the following products are offered by your financial institution? (Check all offered by your institution.)

    CESA (Cloverdale Education Savings Account)

  2. Does your institution offer Self-Directed IRA's? Yes No

    If so, check each product type available for Self-Directed Accounts. (Click in box to check)


  3. What functions are performed on the Branch level?
    (Check each function performed on the Branch Level)

    Opening an IRA
    IRA Maintenance
    Computing Required Minimum Distributions

    Substantially equal periodic payments
    Prohibited Transaction
    7 Day revocation
    Transfer due to Divorce

  4. Does your institution offer a penalty free distribution to IRA Clients over 59 ½?
    Yes No

  5. Who is responsible for your IRA Amendments, IRS Reporting and Corrections (1099R, 5498s, Fair Market Value / Year End Statement, electronic filing)?

  6. How often are your IRA Statements mailed?   (Check only one frequency)

    Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annually Annually

  7. How are your IRAs compounded and what is your posting frequency?

    Compounding Frequency
    Posting Frequency

  8. Do you have an IRA that can accept deposits at anytime?    Yes No

  9. What is the minimum amount to open an IRA with your institution?   $

  10. Do you charge an administration fee?    Yes No

  11. Do you charge a transfer fee?    Yes No

  12. Do you have any other fees associated with IRAs?    Yes No

  13. Does your computer system figure the RMD(required minimum distribution)?    Yes No

  14. Where are your IRAs files housed?

    Main Office
    Branch Level

  15. Whose IRA forms do you use?

    Bankers Systems / Wolters-Kluwer
    Pension Management / BiSys
    Universal Pension

    If other, indicate provider:

  16. How many branches does your institution have?   

  17. Do you have an IRA Specialist?    Yes No

  18. If so, do they perform duties other than IRA related duties?    Yes No

  19. Do you have an IRA Department?    Yes No

  20. If so, how many people are in your IRA Department?   

  21. How many IRA accounts does your institution hold in its portfolio?   

  22. What are your total IRA assets for your institution? $

  23. Do you audit you IRA accounts on an internal basis?    Yes No

  24. If so, what is the frequency?   

  25. Have you ever had an external audit of your IRA accounts and procedures?    Yes No

  26. How many of your employees are trained by attending off-site seminars?   

  27. How many off-site s seminars does each employee attend annually?   

  28. Does your organization currently provide any in-house IRA training for personnel?   
    Yes No

  29. Does your bank subscribe to a "Hot Line" Service for IRA technical questions?   
    Yes No

  30. If so, to which service do you subscribe?   


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