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Can The IRA Tutor customize seminars to match the special needs of our institution?

Yes. A seminar can be customized to address your particular needs. As a matter of fact, in preparation for presenting your seminar, we conduct a Pre-Seminar Survey to develop a better understanding of your institution's current IRA Product offerings and policies, Procedures, Internal IRA Organization and staff experience. Additionally, we will discuss with you your particular goals and objectives for the your IRA Seminar/Training Session in an effort to ensure for you a truly effective and beneficial training experience.


How do I know what topics or products to cover in a seminar?

As previously mentioned, The IRA Tutor will conduct a Pre-Seminar Survey and Interview to discuss your institution's special needs. During the Pre-Seminar preparation, we will work with you to develop an IRA training plan for your staff.


Can The IRA Tutor  work on-site and one-on-one with our key personnel to help our institution develop it's own IRA Center of Excellence?

Yes. This is an excellent approach for developing your own in-house expert. Employee(s) often feel more comfortable and freer to ask questions that might otherwise be avoided in a classroom setting. Additionally, this approach gives the employee an opportunity to have a more hands-on experience, immediately reinforcing the learning experience.


My staff is really busy and we need to get our IRA training done as soon as possible. Does The IRA Tutor offer an after hours seminar option?

Yes. The premise of our business is seminar customization to meet your institution's special needs! The IRA Tutor does offer After Hours Seminars! Contact us today to work out the schedule that suits your needs.


What exactly do you offer in the way of Procedure and File Audits and why would I need this service?

Compliance and documentation of each IRA transaction and event are key considerations of all institutions offering IRAs. Of particular concern are the procedures followed by the institution's personnel in handling IRA transactions, the forms used to document these items, knowledge of IRS Regulations concerning IRA Products, filing procedures, an Internal Audit Checklist, Reporting Requirements, etc.. The IRA Tutor does have as one of our offerings Procedure and File Audits. This service consists of a through review of your internal IRA Procedures and a spot audit of your IRA Files. Following that review, we offer a formal set of recommendations for improvement, if any are deemed necessary. While we do not hold ourselves out as legal professionals, we can guide you in the development of sound business practices which will allow your Compliance Officer the ability to sleep at night!


Do you have any banking experience?

Yes, over thirty years worth ... in the banking industry (both Banks and Credit Unions) since 1976 serving in many different roles. The IRA Tutor sees IRAs from the institution's perspective ... not simply from a regulatory point of view. We understand how this information needs to be put to use on the front lines to benefit the bank's clients and thus grow the bank's deposit base.


How do I schedule our training with The IRA Tutor ?

We're trying hard to stay easily in touch! You can: call us or e-mail us! Click Here to see how! We'll be in touch within two business days to begin developing a customized training program for your institution.


I'm not quite ready to schedule a Seminar at the moment; however, I would like to keep appraised of The IRA Tutor's offerings. Do you have a newsletter or some other method of keeping me informed of new developments?

We don't publish a newsletter; however, we are regularly posting new announcements at this web site. If you leave us your e-mail address, we will be glad to send you notices of new service offerings, as well as changes to our web site. When visiting this site as a result of such an e-mail you may go directly to the "What's new?" Page to see a summary of changes made since our last update.

To leave your e-mail address click here and we will add you to our mailing list.


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