Meet the IRA Tutor

Joni Parrish is The IRA Tutor. With over thirty years of banking experience, Joni has the practical knowledge required to apply and bring to life her wealth of technical knowledge about IRAs.

Let's face it, IRA's are an area from which most people run. Most instructors and instructional programs lack the ability to spark the fire of life into the topic and relate the requisite information in a useful and penetrating manner. Joni's experience from literally thousands of transactions and hundreds taught is clearly visible in each seminar where she offers technical materials in a memorable and anecdotal fashion.

With a broad and deep experience of day-to-day customer transactions and interactions, as well as an equally deep understanding of compliance issues and requirements, The IRA Tutor is truly an IRA expert ... as evidenced by her service as an expert witness and consultant.

As a professional, Joni is committed to empowering seminar attendees to delivery of value added service to their customers. Her experience with the back office reporting requirements and supporting systems is often utilized by banks on a one-on-one basis to train the in-house expert, to mitigate compliance risks by improving operational procedures to insure compliance with all reporting requirements and to improve customer service.

We believe you will find The IRA Tutor is the right solution for higher levels of customer service to your potential IRA Market while at the same time lowering your institution's exposure to risk in the complex world of the IRA at an affordable cost/investment.

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